Breach of the peace at the g20 summit: without throwing a stone

The Hamburg judiciary is prosecuting all participants in an anti-G20 demonstration for serious breach of the peace – even if they remained non-violent.

Is running around already a crime? Photo: reuters

Dozens of G20 opponents are currently being investigated for aggravated breach of the peace – even though no acts of violence can be proven against them. Legally, this is quite possible. Nevertheless, the actions of the Hamburg judiciary are not convincing.

Criticism of gaza report: program director schuster

Once again, the Central Council of Jews in Germany criticizes the Arte program, saying that a report on the Gaza Strip is too one-sided.

Film still from: "Gaza – Is this a life?" Photo: Prime Consulting

For the second time in just a few months, the Central Council of Jews in Germany has criticized programming decisions made by the TV station Arte.

Podcast and blog about the topic of death: verbalizing death.

Everyone has to die one day, but grief and death are taboo topics. Eric Wrede and Silke Szymura are trying to change that.

How do we want to be buried? With a coffin or an urn? Photo: dpa

Death is not a daily issue," says Eric Wrede, an alternative funeral director from Berlin. "When death is talked about, it’s often immediately so heavy with meaning." The 37-year-old has rolled up his shirtsleeves over his tattooed arms, and on his neck he has engraved a bright lotus flower into his skin. The giant with the sonorous voice appears for the interview in Berlin together with his dog Paul, a former street dog from Spain. He had canceled the appointment the day before because he had lifted his cross while carrying a coffin. "And when it’s not meaningful, jokes are made about death," he continues. "Both have little to do with reality."

Homeless people in berlin: encounters at eye level

Self-organized and independent, the cold shelter in the Mehringhof works. Volunteers are still needed for the coming winter season.

More and more homeless people live on Berlin’s streets Photo: dpa

Deportations, task forces, buses to Eastern Europe: even before the cold season has begun, there is an excited discussion about homeless people in Berlin. One thing is clear: there are too few places for homeless people to stay overnight. Shelters that are open all year round can accommodate only 125 people. In recent winters, there have been around 700 places in the various facilities run by Kaltehilfe, but even that is at least 100 too few, according to the organization. And this is despite the fact that many of the up to ten thousand homeless people living in Berlin – there are no exact figures – prefer a place on the street to emergency accommodation.

Commentary on the prostitution protection act: no one thinks about the women

The sex trade is supposed to be more transparent and prostitutes are supposed to be better protected. In fact, politicians are pursuing their own interests.

Workplace brothel, here one in Freiburg. Photo: dpa

Regardless of whether someone is for or against it: prostitution is not a profession like any other. And consequently, it is not a trade like any other. Anyone who tries to treat the sex business like a currywurst stand – for example, through legal regulation – can only fail. Unless prostitution is completely banned in Germany, as it is in Sweden.

War in afghanistan: record number of civilian casualties.

The UN mission holds the Taliban primarily responsible: not since surveys began have so many civilians been killed in the Afghanistan war as in 2014.

Since the withdrawal of NATO troops, Afghan police and military are solely responsible for security. Image: reuters

The Afghanistan war claimed more civilian casualties in the final year of the international combat mission than at any time since the UN began its systematic survey in 2009, with 3,699 civilians killed and 6,849 others wounded in 2014, the United Nations Mission (Unama) announced in Kabul on Wednesday. Compared with the same period last year, the number of dead had thus increased by a quarter and the number of wounded by a fifth (21 percent). The increase was particularly due to increased ground fighting, which for the first time accounted for the majority of civilian casualties at 34 percent, it said.

Performance comparison among schoolchildren: smart easterners

Ninth graders from the eastern states are stronger in math and science than their western counterparts. Only Bavaria can keep up.

The cleverest students come from the East. Picture: dpa

Two school years. That is the learning advantage in mathematics that Saxon students in the ninth grade have on average over their peers from Bremen. In chemistry, the performance advantage is even two and a half school years. This is the result of the first nationwide comparison of student performance in math and science, which scientists presented on Friday on behalf of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Lander in the Federal Republic of Germany.