Naked trump sculptures in u.s. Cities: ‘no balls’ for donald

An activist group is making fun of presidential candidate Trump. In some places, the US authorities react promptly.

In five cities he strips bare: Trump sculpture goes down well, here in Los Angeles Photo: dpa

The ponderous belly protrudes to emphasize the already unappealing chicken breast and the wizened buttocks. This man has his best days behind him. Only the carefully draped blow-dried hairstyle in bright yellow seems to be cared for with devotion.

Many flattering words cannot be found for this body. And that, although it is only made of clay. Just as few compliments are often left for the model: Donald Trump makes headlines, whether as a Republican presidential candidate or as a life-size statue in five identical versions. The latter was the responsibility of the activist group Indecline on Thursday in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle. They displayed the unflattering sculptures in public places.

Trimmed below the waist, the figure stands on a pedestal with the inscription "The Emperor has no Balls," alluding to the vain ruler in the fairy tale "The Emperor’s New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen. The story is about a ruler who supposedly has sumptuous robes sewn for himself that are said to have the property of being invisible. Everyone praises the clothes until a child speaks the truth that the emperor is actually naked.

Photos and selfies with the artwork quickly made the rounds on the web under the hashtag #Indecline. The authorities reacted promptly. In New York’s Union Square, the sculpture was removed after just over two hours, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. In Cleveland, administrators arrived after just 20 minutes. It was "heartbreaking," the artwork’s sculptor, Joshua "Ginger" Monroe, told the newspaper. It took 1,500 hours, about 150 pounds of clay and a fair amount of attention to detail to complete the Trumps.

Trump deserves it

In the Castro district in San Francisco, the gay neighborhood of the West Coast metropolis, there was initially no rebuff for the Trump statue. On the contrary, it was still surrounded by onlookers as late as Thursday afternoon (local time). "We haven’t received any complaints," a city spokeswoman told the Chronicle.

"I hope it stays here for a long time," said Mark Abramson, 64. "You see a lot of naked people here," the San Francisco-based author quipped. "Very good work," Abramson referred to craftsmanship details such as the bluish veins and sagging skin on the buttocks. And what about political correctness? "Oh nonsense, Trump deserved that," Abramson said. "If anyone is against political correctness, it’s Trump."

A few months ago, painter Illma Gore had already caused a stir in the U.S. with a painting of a naked man with a tiny genitalia and Donald Trump’s head. The title of the work "Make America Great Again" resembles the campaign slogan of the Republican presidential candidate.

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