Election in burkina faso: president kabore confirmed in office

The 63-year-old received almost 58 percent of the vote in Burkina Faso’s elections. But Kabore has lost some supporters.

President of Burkina Faso remains Roch Marc Christian Kabore, seen here on a state visit to Berlin in 2019 Photo: Jurgen Heinrich/imago

In Burkina Faso, 63-year-old President Roch Marc Christian Kabore remains in power. After days of waiting, the electoral commission finally announced the preliminary results on Thursday afternoon: 57.87 percent of the vote for the incumbent; second was newcomer Eddie Komboigo (15.47 percent) and third was opposition leader Zephirin Diabre (12.46 percent), who had received more than twice as many votes five years ago.

Immediately after the announcement, Kabore’s supporters rejoiced that the re-election had succeeded in the first round, as had been hoped. This goal had often been criticized before Sunday’s ballot because it had fueled rumors of possible fraud. Parts of the opposition around Diabre had also spoken of this.

There are no representative polls on the subject, but in talks in the capital, Ouagadougou, it was clear that many residents disagreed with Kabore’s anti-terrorism campaign. With more than a million internally displaced persons, routes that can only be passed by protected convoys, and an increasing number of soldiers killed, the purely military fight against the extremists has not been successful so far. Therefore, the demand for dialogue was great – this was a core issue of the election campaign, for which many of the twelve opposition politicians had spoken out. But if the re-elected president sticks to his line, this will still not happen.

In any case, Kabore has lost support. He received around 13,000 fewer votes than five years ago. Due to the poor security situation – more than 1,300 polling stations did not even open – voter turnout slipped from 60 to just 50 percent. Hundreds of thousands of people lacked voter cards or were afraid of attacks and therefore preferred not to vote on Sunday.

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