Commentary on the prostitution protection act: no one thinks about the women

The sex trade is supposed to be more transparent and prostitutes are supposed to be better protected. In fact, politicians are pursuing their own interests.

Workplace brothel, here one in Freiburg. Photo: dpa

Regardless of whether someone is for or against it: prostitution is not a profession like any other. And consequently, it is not a trade like any other. Anyone who tries to treat the sex business like a currywurst stand – for example, through legal regulation – can only fail. Unless prostitution is completely banned in Germany, as it is in Sweden.

Allegedly, no one wants that. The planned Prostitution Protection Act is only intended to make the sex trade more transparent and adjustable, or so it is said. By making registration compulsory, it is hoped, among other things, to obtain valid figures on how many women and men actually sell their bodies. Is that realistic?

Quite clearly: No. Precisely because sex for money is still shameful and stigmatized today. This applies first and foremost to sex workers. But also those people who buy sex. Some are considered to have no moral integrity and to be shady. The others as poor sausages, who don’t get any or who are not properly "served" at home.

As long as such prejudices are rampant, there will never be any serious results about the red light milieu. Nowhere is there so much lying and so much concealment and bragging as in the area of sex. Without serious figures, however, it might be difficult to create any law that treats all involved fairly.

Let’s not fool ourselves: The SPD, which is more liberal on prostitution, is just as hardline as the CDU/CSU, which would prefer to implement the Swedish model. That, in turn, is just as mendacious, because one can assume that one or the other CDU and CSU member of parliament has already paid for sex.

Is anyone seriously thinking about women? That may be doubted. Even if all parties talk about it.

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