Statistics on the corona crisis: the thing with numbers

To assess how fast corona is spreading and what helps, you need numbers. But they’re sometimes treacherous.

Covid-19 illnesses:Interactive map from John Hopkins University in Baltimore as of March 21 Photo: Marius Bulling/imago

Johns Hopkins University has what everyone covets: Figures on the coronavirus pandemic. Worldwide and quasi-permanently updated, graphically prepared. Even for Germany, figures from the private university in Baltimore, Maryland, are more likely to be used than those from the German federal authority for infectious diseases, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Podcast and blog about the topic of death: verbalizing death.

Everyone has to die one day, but grief and death are taboo topics. Eric Wrede and Silke Szymura are trying to change that.

How do we want to be buried? With a coffin or an urn? Photo: dpa

Death is not a daily issue," says Eric Wrede, an alternative funeral director from Berlin. "When death is talked about, it’s often immediately so heavy with meaning." The 37-year-old has rolled up his shirtsleeves over his tattooed arms, and on his neck he has engraved a bright lotus flower into his skin. The giant with the sonorous voice appears for the interview in Berlin together with his dog Paul, a former street dog from Spain. He had canceled the appointment the day before because he had lifted his cross while carrying a coffin. "And when it’s not meaningful, jokes are made about death," he continues. "Both have little to do with reality."