Un willingness to pay: no money for syrians

UN agencies need $1.5 billion for refugee and emergency aid in Syria. But no one is paying: so far, only $50 million has been pledged.

A United Nations Relief and Works Agency refugee camp on the Jordanian-Syrian border. Photo: dapd

The severe humanitarian crisis resulting from the Syrian civil war is creating a sad record: rarely before in the history of UN emergency aid programs has the discrepancy between urgently needed funding and the willingness of UN member states to pay been so great.

City state monaco: the princely rumble chamber

Small, blue-blooded, rich – the musician Leo Ferre broke with these cliches beyond national borders. Searching for clues in the safest country in the world.

Glamour and pomp – view of the bay Photo: imago/Mandoga Media

Every day she sits on one of the benches near the casino, Nicole, a finely dressed elderly lady. She comes here all her life, having once held a position at the nearby Hotel Ermitage as a young woman, as a mangler in the laundry, and enjoying her after-work hours on the bench. That is long in the past, but she loves the beautiful view of the sea and is happy when someone takes a seat next to her with whom she can chat.

Homemade christmas cookies: eat! It’s from my womb!

No one has to be a cop; and no one has to bake cookies. And yet, every year we are smothered by dusty cookies. An indictment.

Some call it cookies, others desert Photo: dpa

The ruble is rolling, retail cheap jobs are flourishing: It’s December. And just as these days all those who reliably spend the rest of the time crawling to the Christmas markets all at once, the family cookies to be eaten just as reliably tumble out of their orifices and plastic bags.

Rolling stones ticket affair: expensive concert for the spd

A Hamburg SPD state councilor is sentenced to 20,400 euros for taking advantage. The occasion was the allocation of Rolling Stones tickets.

This is not how the Hamburg SPD imagined the hangover after the rock concert Photo: dpa

With hands folded in front of her chest, Elke Badde, the defendant, endures the flashlight storm before the start of the trial. In the afternoon, the former Hamburg state councillor will then receive the verdict with greater pomp: For taking advantage and inducing a subordinate to commit a crime, the 59-year-old will have to shell out a hefty 20,400 euros.

Western balkans and eu: still in the queue

The EU Commission wants to reform the path to accession talks. What this means for the future of Albania and northern Macedonia remains unclear.

Want quick accession talks: Albanian Prime Minister Rama and Merkel in the Chancellery Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa

Albania and northern Macedonia must continue to fear for the start of EU accession talks. The EU Commission in Brussels tried on Wednesday to allay the concerns of France and other member states by reforming the accession procedure. But the government in Paris did not yet give the green light.

Protecting resources and waters: eu considers banning plastic tableware

The EU Commission wants to propose banning tableware made of plastic. The German Environment Ministry thinks this is a good idea.

Bad for the environment and looks stupid, too: Disposable cups with plastic lids Photo: dpa

According to a media report, the EU Commission wants to propose a ban on disposable plastic tableware. A corresponding directive is to be presented on May 23, reported WirtschaftsWoche. This would be the first time the authority has taken concrete steps to implement its "plastic strategy" presented at the beginning of the year. However, the Commission did not want to confirm the report when asked by taz.

Statistics on the corona crisis: the thing with numbers

To assess how fast corona is spreading and what helps, you need numbers. But they’re sometimes treacherous.

Covid-19 illnesses:Interactive map from John Hopkins University in Baltimore as of March 21 Photo: Marius Bulling/imago

Johns Hopkins University has what everyone covets: Figures on the coronavirus pandemic. Worldwide and quasi-permanently updated, graphically prepared. Even for Germany, figures from the private university in Baltimore, Maryland, are more likely to be used than those from the German federal authority for infectious diseases, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Top match in the bundesliga: the trembling of bayern’s legs

Before the match against RB Leipzig, FC Bayern is once again considered the favorite. Nevertheless, the opponent is taken seriously.

Not quite focused yet: Thomas Muller (r.) and Robert Lewandowski Photo: Hoppe/dpa

The attack came from both sides. Oliver Kahn, the FC Bayern Munich board trainee, approached from the right, the still-boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge shortly after from the left. How the tackle then ended beyond the well-guarded door to the dressing room wing is uncertain, but the players of the record champion are unlikely to have escaped unscathed on Wednesday evening.

Student uprising in soweto 40 years ago: the beginning of the end of apartheid

June 16, 1976 marked the end of the white apartheid regime. White police fired into the crowd of protesting schoolchildren.

The Hector Pieterson memorial in Soweto Photo: dpa

The only reminder of the site of the bloody uprising in Soweto is a memorial to Hector Pieterson. The young student was shot dead by police officers of the apartheid regime during the demonstrations in the South African township on June 16, 1976. His photo went around the world: the twelve-year-old boy is carried in the arms of a student with his face consumed by grief. Hector Pieterson has become synonymous with the oppression of black South Africans.

Tracking chains of infection: still no corona app

A lot is going wrong with corona containment: too few staff in health offices, too few tests – and the cell phone app is a long time coming.

Infected people should be able to remember who they met, when and where, until the app arrives Photo: Christophe Ena/dpa

For a relaxation of the Corona restrictions, the federal government had originally once defined clear conditions: In order to avoid a resurgence in the number of infected people after the first wave had flattened out, it would have to be possible to trace new cases as comprehensively as possible, a strategy paper from the Interior Ministry said at the end of March. In addition to a significant increase in testing capacity, what is needed above all is an "efficient and well-coordinated contact search by hand and by Big Data (location tracking and so on).