Foreskin stenosis and impotence: “we must be highly potent”.

Not all men can always. But the image of the always horny, always willing man makes it difficult for those affected to talk about it.

Especially among young men, impotence is a big taboo Photo: dpa

"I was disgusted by myself".

A few years ago, I once had sex with a fellow student and had erectile dysfunction. Later she used it against me, made fun of me. At one point she even told a fellow student. Those two were the ones closest to me at the university. My erectile dysfunction suddenly became a topic in our group chats. Together they made fun of it. I was bullied by them.

Protecting resources and waters: eu considers banning plastic tableware

The EU Commission wants to propose banning tableware made of plastic. The German Environment Ministry thinks this is a good idea.

Bad for the environment and looks stupid, too: Disposable cups with plastic lids Photo: dpa

According to a media report, the EU Commission wants to propose a ban on disposable plastic tableware. A corresponding directive is to be presented on May 23, reported WirtschaftsWoche. This would be the first time the authority has taken concrete steps to implement its "plastic strategy" presented at the beginning of the year. However, the Commission did not want to confirm the report when asked by taz.

Commentary climate policy: we just have to want to

Merkel does not want to raise the climate target. Yet there is enough knowledge, experts and technology to achieve it – all it would take is an alliance.

Waste separation is all well and good – but it’s not enough to stop climate change Photo: unsplash/ Alfonso Nvarro

All Germans are waste separators, or so they feel. Almost two-thirds don’t want electricity from coal-fired power plants. And they think the German government is doing too little to achieve the Paris climate goals. The heat and people’s own contribution to climate change have recently been a topic of discussion on the beach or in the open-air swimming pool. The climate was also a dominant topic at the German government’s Citizens’ Consultation. And even Anne Will is talking about farmers in times of drought.

Urban development in new york: patron saint of greenwich village

The new inhospitability of cities: the criticism and, above all, the visions of urban activist Jane Jacobs are more important today than ever before.

The neighborhood where Jane Jacobs lives today Photo: Stefan Falke

In Greenwich Village, the day begins more serenely than elsewhere in Manhattan: at Mucho Gusto Cafe, regulars calmly flip through the Times over chai pumpkin lattes; a young man in combat boots, a knee-length pleated skirt and a bulky fox fur collar strolls down Hudson Street carrying an expensive briefcase; and a team of pugs, French bulldogs and a royal poodle pantingly pull a dogwalker behind them. But the incessant stream of cyclists riding briskly toward the skyscrapers of Midtown then lends the leisurely morning its New York purposefulness.

Associations against the afd: don’t let them wear you down

In a joint statement, 50 initiatives and associations oppose defamation attempts by the AfD.

The AfD parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives. Photo: dpa

"We are not afraid of the AfD," explains Jana Ringer, managing director of the Pankow Youth Center. "We will oppose it with a united, democratic, inclusive worldview." This is one of the reasons why the youth center and three other associations have invited people to a press conference on Thursday morning.

Art exhibition on luther in wittenberg: the avant-garde in the prison cells

Pure exorcism: The exhibition "Luther and the Avant-Garde" counters the euphoria about the reformer.

Jonathan Meese imprisoned himself to exorcise the anti-Semitic devil Martin Luther Photo: Daniel Biskup

Can Martin Luther be called an avant-gardist? With his criticism of the sale of indulgences, the corrupt haggling over offices in the Catholic Church, and his zeal for opening educational institutions to women, was he not a thought leader of his time?

Controversy about feine sahne fischfilet: punk topless

The drummer of the punk band Feine Sahne Fischfilet took off his T-shirt at a concert. Feminists criticize this as an "oppressive act".

David in Florence: at his gigs, no one cared if he took off his clothes. Image: imago / chromorange

Feine Sahne Fischfilet is not exactly the band you would associate with Mackertum or excessive chauvinism. Up to now, the Rostock punk band has mainly made an appearance when they were once again not allowed to play somewhere because of their activities against the right or made themselves enemies of the constitution in this way. But now the musicians got trouble from another side.

Welzer and friedmann “turn of the times”: a song for europe

No one? Not true. And another hint: The European Union is not Europe. And Europe is not the European Union. Too bad.

But let me finish the thought. The thought I’m trying to find: What is the commonality of our different issues? What emerges as a common problematic? What emerges as a common problematic is that this is all oblivious to the future. This is the case with climate issues. It comes up with Europe. It comes up in everything we discuss, and it comes up in the same way in education. Education is blatantly future-oriented, otherwise we wouldn’t need it.

Historical time processes function according to a different calendar. Hundreds of years of identity formation shape cultural memory and national memory. In the context of this memory work, democracy is a young idea. Europe is only a toddler. The euro and Schengen anyway. The setbacks do not mean that the project has no future, but show how fragile the new is, how long it takes to dynamize identity, and how rustic and deeply established the old is. The fact that this results in setbacks is part and parcel of historical modernization processes. That the European process is therefore not fit for the future cannot be deduced from this.

Afd cultural policy: battles to come

The German language is the "center of our identity" – many would probably sign this sentence. Even if it comes from the AfD.

According to AfDers, diverse cultural offerings would probably go empty Photo: imago/imagebroker

In terms of cultural policy, it currently looks like one last breath. Take another deep breath before the AfD plays in the Bundestag.