Two u.s. Firefighters shot and killed: the fire was an ambush

In the U.S., a former inmate set fire to a house and a car. When the volunteer fire department came to extinguish the fire, he shot two firefighters.

Warm and un-Christmasy: The burning house. Image: reuters

A former inmate ambushed several firefighters in the U.S. state of New York on Monday and shot two of them. The 62-year-old had previously set fire to a house and a car in the early morning. He then opened fire on emergency personnel rushing to help, according to police. Two other firefighters and a passerby were injured. After a shootout with police, the man killed himself.

Second division north derby eintracht braunschweig – hannover 96: risky match remains peaceful

The soccer matches between Hannover 96 and Eintracht are ‘something special because the fans don’t like each other very much. This time, however, the feared riot did not occur.

Bengalos were set off instead of watching the derby: The second half begins with interruption of play. Photo: Peter Steffen/dpa

The second division match between Eintracht and Hannover 96 passed on Sunday without the feared riots. Probably also because the police arrested more than 100 people already on Friday evening after a planned mass brawl of the opposing fan camps. Some were banned from and others were even held in long-term custody until after the high-risk game. In addition, a total of around 1,000 police officers from several German states were deployed. This meant that the spectators in the Eintracht Stadium, which was sold out at 23,000, could actually concentrate on the soccer match. Apart from a Bengalo interruption at the beginning of the second half, the match remained quite peaceful and ended 2:2 (2:1).

Forced marriage in berlin: the bravest go to the police

A survey shows: Hundreds of girls and women continue to be forcibly married. The self-confidence of those affected is growing.

Demeo against homophobia, violence and forced marriage in Berlin, 2015 Photo: dpa

Every year in Berlin, hundreds of young people, mostly girls, are at risk of forced marriage. That’s according to a 2017 survey by the Berlin Working Group Against Forced Marriage, published this week by Petra Koch-Knobel, the equal opportunities commissioner for the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district.

Central council of muslims meets afd: the leaders disagree

Frauke Petry wants to meet the Central Council of Muslims, federal board member Alice Weidel withdraws her promise. Because of an NSDAP comparison.

Aiman Mazyek wants to know why the AfD does not like Muslims Photo: dpa

The leaders of the right-wing populist AfD and the Central Council of Muslims will meet next Monday for a debate in Berlin. A spokeswoman for the Central Council said Wednesday that the date proposed by the AfD had been accepted. Central Council Chairman Aiman Mazyek has called on AfD leaders to meet to discuss the party’s dismissive attitude toward Islam. AfD deputy chairman Albrecht Glaser said he and party leader Frauke Petry wanted to take part in the conversation.

U.s. Senate struggles to pass iran deal: democrats block vote

For the second time, Republicans fail to stop Obama’s key foreign policy initiative in the Senate. They announce further resistance.

Milestone reached, vote blocked: Harry Reid (l.) and Richard Durbin of the Democrats congratulate each other. Photo: ap

Senators from U.S. President Barack Obama’s party have blocked a vote on a resolution rejecting the Iran nuclear deal for the second time. The initiative, put forward by Republicans, failed again Tuesday to reach 60 of the 100 votes needed to end debate on the agreement with Tehran.

U.s. Eases economic sanctions: iranians allowed to buy iphones

The U.S. has eased sanctions on Iran in the telecommunications sector. As a result, Iranians now have access to the latest phones from U.S. companies like Apple.

Have new phones despite sanctions: Iranians try out Samsung smartphones in a Tehran store. Image: ap

The U.S. has eased sanctions on Iran in the telecommunications sector. U.S. companies will be allowed to sell cell phones, software and other technologies for personal use in the country again, the U.S. Treasury Department announced Thursday. As a result, Iranians now have access to Apple’s latest iPhone, for example. Many phones or computer programs had only been available on the black market since sanctions were introduced a good twenty years ago.

Foreskin stenosis and impotence: “we must be highly potent”.

Not all men can always. But the image of the always horny, always willing man makes it difficult for those affected to talk about it.

Especially among young men, impotence is a big taboo Photo: dpa

"I was disgusted by myself".

A few years ago, I once had sex with a fellow student and had erectile dysfunction. Later she used it against me, made fun of me. At one point she even told a fellow student. Those two were the ones closest to me at the university. My erectile dysfunction suddenly became a topic in our group chats. Together they made fun of it. I was bullied by them.

Strikes over pensions in france: philippe’s eyewash

Under pressure from the population, the French government has suspended part of the pension reform – for now. For the demonstrators, this is not a victory.

First signs of fatigue – Philippe has long been tired of the strikes and demonstrations Photo: reuters

French head of government Edouard Philippe has given in to pressure from the strikes and "provisionally" suspended the increase in the retirement age from 62 to 64 that he said was inevitable. Finally! It is a first gesture and shows that the head of government has at least listened to what had been declared in countless meetings in advance as unreasonable and unfair, especially for certain professional categories. But this concession is just "provisional".

Job cuts at hp: missing the boat

Because of the unclear course in smartphone and tablet sales, Hewlett-Packard’s sales are now collapsing. 34,000 employees lose their jobs.

Chief executive Meg Whitman is reorganizing HP. Image: reuters

Another 5,000 employees of Hewlett-Packard lose their jobs against the background of a shrinking PC market. Instead of 29,000 jobs, 34,000 positions will now be eliminated as part of a restructuring and savings program, the U.S. computer maker announced late Monday (local time).

Election in burkina faso: president kabore confirmed in office

The 63-year-old received almost 58 percent of the vote in Burkina Faso’s elections. But Kabore has lost some supporters.

President of Burkina Faso remains Roch Marc Christian Kabore, seen here on a state visit to Berlin in 2019 Photo: Jurgen Heinrich/imago

In Burkina Faso, 63-year-old President Roch Marc Christian Kabore remains in power. After days of waiting, the electoral commission finally announced the preliminary results on Thursday afternoon: 57.87 percent of the vote for the incumbent; second was newcomer Eddie Komboigo (15.47 percent) and third was opposition leader Zephirin Diabre (12.46 percent), who had received more than twice as many votes five years ago.